Bookshelf with a Twist: An Easy Way to Transform a Room


Recently I changed my bedroom around because that’s a thing I do when I get bored with the layout. And I thought I would try something new with my bookshelves, and what i found is that it completely changed the feel of the room, and in my opinion, made it more modern.

Before they were these basic white three shelf bookcases that never seemed to fit anywhere in my room. They were usually on either side of my bed or beside my desk and it never looked quite right.


Then as I was scrolling through Pinterest I came across the DIY Ikea benches that were just bookshelves turned on their side. Needless to say I thought that was a brilliant idea and decided to try it out. Now I didn’t turn mine into a bench, but flipped them on their side and stacked one on the other.

I took the cover pieces for the screws off on one side to prevent the two surfaces from slipping on each other and placed it directly on top of the other bookcase. Then I added some felt tabs to the bottom so I wouldn’t scratch the hardwood floor and simply placed all my books back in their spots. And for the final touch, i added a rather large scarf that i never really wear, along with my printer and some magazines.

Magazine without name.jpg

Now I think it looks fantastic, and it was so easy and simple, I think i’ll probably keep them like this for a while.

Interested in another easy DIY, click here.



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