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Many people have heard of Carl Jung’s and Isabel Myers Brigg Typology Test ( Some have not, and it is a personality test that has had a major impact on my own life. It consists of about 70 questions and determines four letters that represent your personality.

Now this personality test like any other will not be 100% accurate, because no one is the same. However it often helps explaining why you are the way you are. Even when I first discovered the word introvert I jumped for joy because I realized I wasn’t some shy little girl. I was only introverted, and most importantly I learned that it was ok to be this way. I think that’s the biggest challenge some people have. They don’t fit in because they aren’t very outgoing or talkative, and they’re torn between trying to change and staying who they are.

But that’s when it gets confusing because most people don’t have a clue who they really are and are just figuring it out as they go. Well this, in my opinion, is a way to help figure it out.

Below is a chart of the eight letters and you can have any of the sixteen combinations. When you take the test it not only gives you the four letters, but percentages as well. So for introversion you could be 84% or 67% more introverted than extroverted. That’s the thing with this test; it’s more of a scale which I think helps an individual understand their type more.


–        Energy from outer world


–        Energy from inner world


–        Practical applications


–        Patterns, possible meanings


–        Logic-based decisions


–        Values-based decisions


–        Planned, Organized


–        Flexible, spontaneous

Now my type is actually one of the rarest. I am not only an INTJ but an INTJ female. This is considered rare because of the T. The opposite of Thinking is Feeling, which is more common amongst women because we are naturally more emotional than men.

However, I am not, my more logical and rational side outweighs my emotional one. Since learning this I have yet to see it as a negative thing. I am actually quite proud of all I’ve learned about myself and don’t mind the often negative perception of INTJ’s.

And like I mentioned before, the test is not 100% accurate, there are some things that ring true for me, and others, not so much. For example, I’ve read that most INTJ’s are a bit more outspoken with their opinions even if they come off as rude sometimes. I, on the other hand, am  a bit more cautious of who I share my ideas with and tend to only share them with those close to me. Something I honestly want to change, but some of the reactions I get make me change my mind.

Anyway, to wrap all this up, my point is basically that the Myers-Brigg test helped me find myself and helped me become much more comfortable in my own skin. And I not only learned about myself, but also learned something new about others as well.



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