INTJ’s and Emotions


I am often judged because of my lack of emotions. The thing is I don’t recognize that I’m being heartless until someone points it out. I’ll say something to my sister and it’s the complete honest truth, and then she’ll make me realize that what I said isn’t exactly what should have been said. My own family sometimes believes I’ll run into emotional difficulties with relationships because of this. However the one upside, is that INTJs are very selective about who they are willing to let in and be a part of their lives and therefore, would never be with someone that did not understand how they process emotions. It’s not abnormal, only different.

An another note, I find it rather disappointing how easy it is for me to understand others and my family specifically, and know how little they are willing to even try to understand me. It was really shocking to discover that the things I take to be common sense, because my intuition is so strong, aren’t actually very common.

Another difficulty I find with my emotions is often I can’t even identify what I’m feeling, let alone express it. Especially if I’m sad, it’s very difficult for me to pinpoint why I might be feeling upset, and it usually ends up being a combination of things. Even when I’m happy I find I’m never genuinely happy, or I don’t seem to be because I’m not jumping for joy.

Something kind of funny though is that my sister is an INFJ, so we are extremely similar, except for that F and T. So when it comes to how we think and where we draw our information from we are polar opposites because she is emotionally based and I am logically based.

But either way if you’re an introvert or extrovert or a thinker like I am, I believe that others should try to understand that some people process emotions differently and that doesn’t make them weird or unlikable in any way, it just makes them different.

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