Character Creation


Characters: One of the most important things when it comes to writing. If you don’t have well-written characters the story becomes irrelevant. At the same time, creating characters is also one the most difficult things, they essentially are human beings that you have to create out of thin air and then somehow convince a reader that these people are real.

However, I think every writer has developed some kind of system and this is mine:

  1. Start with the basics.

There are worksheet’s you can find on the internet that list most of these basic things that hold importance. For example, eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, etc. you should also include things like what the character wears, common stances, and expressions.

  1. MBTI Chart and the 16 Personalities.

The 16 personalities gives a basis for your character’s personality and may help with staying consistent with said character. This is also the stage where I include strengths and weaknesses, as well as fears and an interesting thing to include that I heard from one of Jenna Moreci’s videos (she’s a youtuber that posts videos about writing and tips and such, my sister introduced me to her videos and I love them) was to figure out who your character would die for.

  1. Backstory

Back story isn’t always important, but in some ways it is necessary. For example, you should probably know the characters family tree. Do they have parents? Do they have any siblings? Where do they live? What was their family like? Or what did they believe in? Just ask yourself questions about your character and answer them. I find that always helps, if I get stuck I start asking myself the most basic questions and coming up with an answer for them.

  1. Describe

Write a paragraph describing the character, like how you would in the novel. You can include backstory, character traits, appearance all in a paragraph or two. This I find helps getting further into the character’s mind and life. Doing this with the villain of the story really helps to understand their perspective, because even if they are evil to everyone else, in their minds they are good.

Another tip is to describe the character from another characters point of view, maybe even someone who doesn’t like him/her just to see the two different sides of a character.

Was this helpful? What are some other tips you have about creating characters for a novel?




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