My Top 3 De-Cluttering Tips

8. De-Clutter.jpg

Fun Fact: our productivity levels have a lot to do with our environment. So if you have an essay to write sitting in a cluttered, dark room isn’t going help. But if the area in which you work is clean and clutter free, you can actually get more work done.

I’ve always been someone who likes to keep things looking nice and clean and I have done research on how our surroundings stimulate our brain. But that’s not what I’m talking about today; it’s just where the idea came from. Today, I would like to share some de-cluttering tips. So here it goes…

Go through everything you own a little bit at a time and get rid of anything you don’t need or don’t use anymore. A donate pile is also a good idea, but some things will just have to go in the garbage. You can’t de-clutter with an excess of stuff.

  1. Purchase some Organizers

Organizers and trays are very useful when it comes to not only de-cluttering, but organizing the things you have by creating a spot for everything. This is especially useful if you’re tight on space, it decreases the chances of stuff getting everywhere and piling up.

And don’t just organize things, if you can, cover them up. Put things in boxes or chests, just somewhere off and away until it needs to be used.

  1. Clean

Along with organizing, you should also keep your space clean and let some natural light in. This helps de-clutter the mind. Open a window and let some fresh air in while you’re at it. And now you can cherish your space that’s clutter free and enjoyably bright.




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