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Happiness. So few can claim it. So few can say they are happy in this world where corruption and destruction are daily events. Happiness seems to have become a rarity.

However, after struggling with family issues, suffering from depression, pulling myself out of it, and then still struggling with family issues, I can finally say that I am happy.

By no means am I happy all the time, 24/7, but I am happy. I am happy because I started this blog, because I can see my photography improving each time I take a new picture. I am happy because of music, and how passionate my sister is about all of the bands she likes, which just makes me excited about it too.

I am happy because I have learned not to rush myself. I take my time, I let myself breath and enjoy everything around me. I am happy because I see things I’ve never seen before, I notice now the way the snow falls, how the wind directs the flakes, and I notice the way the light hits the tress and creates the most beautiful shadows. I notice the sun and the light and the rain and it all makes me happy.

I am happy because my sister is happy, because others are happy. I notice everyone’s smiles and laughter now, even strangers, peers at school. And they might not be happy all the time like I am, but they are happy in that moment, something was able to make them smile and that makes me smile too.

I used to look back on my life and not be able to think of a single happy moment, but now, now that I’ve learned to enjoy the moment, I know when I am happy and I’ll smile at myself thinking how did I not see all of this before? How did I not appreciate what I had? Why did it take me so long to be proud of myself and to be happy with whom I was? Questions that may never be answered, but I don’t care anymore, because I am happy.

Are you?



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