#Inspiration- April

11. InspirationApr.jpg

I’ve been wanting to start a little series of posts on this blog, something that would be a roundup of things that inspire me or simply made me happy and thus #InspirationMonths was born. So here are a seven things I loved this month.

  1. This picture that I took.

Freezing Rain Zoomed

There was freezing rain earlier this month, and it froze on my window. I think I captured a pretty cool moment with the blurriness of the tress and the yard from the ice.

  1. Supernatural calendar


The pictures a bit blurry, but this was my calendar picture this month. Sam and Dean from Supernatural. The sad part is I can tell they are in their “dungeon”. This holds significance for me because my sister actually bought the calendar as my Christmas gift and we are both quite obsessed with Supernatural.

  1. The snow.

It also snowed this month, you know because of global warming and stuff, but I just sat and watched it from my window one morning. It was just gently falling and would move with the wind and I thought it was so calming and peaceful. I’ve really been able to appreciate nature a bit more than I used to, and actually take in my surroundings and smile because of it.

  1. Mikey Murphy: video on Happiness

For those you who don’t know, Mikey Murphy is a teenage youtuber. I don’t watch all of his videos, but my sister had showed me this one and it inspired me and the result was my post from yesterday on Happiness. It made me realize how much I am actually thankful for and proud of. It took me a long time to be able to say that I am proud of myself and my accomplishments; I have come a long way over the past four years alone.

Reasons To Be Happy, Mikey Murphy

  1. Connor Franta

A work in porgress

This is also a youtuber, and I do watch his videos quite consistently. I think he is so inspiring and he has accomplished so much. I mean he wrote a book, he started a product line with clothes and coffee and candles and it’s amazing. It’s made me realize that I can be creative and make a living off of it. It’s made me realize that I don’t have to take some desk job in the future and push down all of my creative dreams. I want to write and blog and take goofy pictures and not let the stereotype of having to get a university degree stop me from pursuing what I really want to. Point is, I think Connor Franta is awesome and I hope to inspire people in the future just like he’s inspired me, no matter how cliché that sounds.

Connor Franta’s Channel

  1. Ted Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity

I’ve watched this Ted Talk a bunch of times and it’s not until recently that I’ve actually tried to do something with the knowledge I gained from watching it. I managed to incorporate it into one of my school projects and have actually looked at the education system and how there is so much evidence that things need to change and yet very little has.

Do Schools Kill Creativity: TedTalk

  1. Quiet Revolution: Susan Cain

Susan Cain changed my life. With her Ted Talk and blog and everything she has done, it helped me not feel so alone. And because of her I can now say that I know who I am and I know what I want in life. I want to be happy, and find good friends that appreciate my introversion and the people that are in my life not because they have to be, but because they want to be.


Well that it’s for this month. These are only a few things that have made me happy or inspired me, but I think making a post about this will be beneficial in helping me recognize the good in my life. It can be difficult to see through all the sadness and anger so by pointing out the all the goodness and having something concrete in front of me, I hope it will boost my happiness.




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