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Here’s to another creative, however stressful, month. And below are five things that made me happy.

  1. Bones

I love this show, and I recently started watching it again from the first season and may have already binged watched three seasons over the past two weeks. I love this show and watching it again I realized that I actually kind of missed it and the characters. I don’t know it just makes me really happy.

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Music: Favourite Artists


Music is amazing. Music is life changing. Music brings on so many different emotions and helps deal with so many different things, and in general it always makes you feel better. So today I wanted to talk about the music that I listen to.

  1. Sleeping with Sirens.

My sister introduced me to a lot of the bands I listen to now. And a lot of them fit under the genre of metal or punk rock. Sleeping with sirens is one of them, and I have yet to find a song I don’t like. And it’s because they are true to themselves, they write what they feel or about things that happen in their lives and I really like that. I like the meaning in their songs and they seem to be really connected to their fans.

  1. Fall Out Boy

A more recent obsession of mine. I like Fall Out Boy because they have a song kind of for anything that your feeling, and a lot of them are really up-beat and feel-good songs.

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Sleep and School


I recently finished a project looking at the education system and how stressed and tired high school students are all the time, and my findings were quite fascinating, so I’d like to share what I found with you.

Firstly, I’d like to start with the fact that over March Break I was up at about 8:00am every day, and I had energy, I wasn’t tired. It was partly because I was doing stuff I love, like writing posts for this blog, but also because I got up at my natural wake up time of 8:00, according to “Paul Kelley, PhD, who researches sleep and circadian rhythms at the University of Oxford,” (Association, 2016).  So I was awake, I had energy and I had a lot of natural daylight.

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How To: Stay Organized

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Staying organized seems to be the biggest challenge in our society today, even I struggle with staying on top of things sometimes. But overall, I am a relatively organized person so today I’d thought I’d share some tips on how I do that.

  1. Write everything down.

And I mean everything. With our lives so busy now, you are bound to forget something so write it down. In a notebook or on your phone, wherever works best for you. our minds only allow us to remember 5-9 things at a time, and my to-do lists are often a notebook page full, so there’s no way I could keep all of that just in my head.

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