How To: Stay Organized

12. Stay Organized.jpg

Staying organized seems to be the biggest challenge in our society today, even I struggle with staying on top of things sometimes. But overall, I am a relatively organized person so today I’d thought I’d share some tips on how I do that.

  1. Write everything down.

And I mean everything. With our lives so busy now, you are bound to forget something so write it down. In a notebook or on your phone, wherever works best for you. our minds only allow us to remember 5-9 things at a time, and my to-do lists are often a notebook page full, so there’s no way I could keep all of that just in my head.

  1. Keep a calendar.

This is different than keeping a checklist. Keeping a calendar so you can see the whole month allows you to visually see all the important dates. An agenda or planner keeps things organized more on a weekly basis. Let something else keep track of the things you have to do and give your mind a rest.

  1. Prioritize.

Along with writing everything down, you also have to figure out what to do first. How I do it is make a mental note of what I don’t really want to but have to, and I do those things first to get them out of the way. Then whatever’s left are the things I have to do and actually like doing, which makes them easier to finish and check off the list.

  1. Breathe and be happy.

After everything you have to do is done and you’ve been able to complete those tasks for the day, just let yourself breath and rest. Let yourself do something you want to and not something you have to. Like maybe start reading that book that’s been sitting on the shelf for months (something I’ve been meaning to do and haven’t yet for reasons unknown). But this is what makes to system work, taking time to yourself after all the chaos of the day.



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