Hexagon Wall Art


Here’s a little DIY for you guys today. I wanted to do some wall art, and I got the idea from Pinterest to use hexagons.  So here’s what I did:

First I found a template for the hexagon’s online. Then comes picking the colours and of course tracing and cutting them all out.

1. Plan

I used a piece of black scrapbook paper as my base, which allowed me to leave a few spaces blank and simply mapped out where all the cut-out’s were going to go. Took a picture of it for reference and started gluing.

2. During

I used a liquid glue so I ended up using a sponge to spread it more easily so I wouldn’t end up with any bumps in the paper. It’s best to let it dry before you cut of the excess paper on the edges and then it’s all done.

4. Finished

It’s easy and it looks great. And you could probably do it on any size paper or canvas to get the size you want.




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