Music: Favourite Artists


Music is amazing. Music is life changing. Music brings on so many different emotions and helps deal with so many different things, and in general it always makes you feel better. So today I wanted to talk about the music that I listen to.

  1. Sleeping with Sirens.

My sister introduced me to a lot of the bands I listen to now. And a lot of them fit under the genre of metal or punk rock. Sleeping with sirens is one of them, and I have yet to find a song I don’t like. And it’s because they are true to themselves, they write what they feel or about things that happen in their lives and I really like that. I like the meaning in their songs and they seem to be really connected to their fans.

  1. Fall Out Boy

A more recent obsession of mine. I like Fall Out Boy because they have a song kind of for anything that your feeling, and a lot of them are really up-beat and feel-good songs.

  1. Pierce the Veil

I don’t know I just love Vic’s voice, (Vic is the lead singer). Their songs are very personal and very connected to their fans. I know that they’ve written a lot of their songs based on stories their fans have told them.

  1. Bring Me the Horizon

A little more metal, but very lyrically meaningful. The band members have all dealt with their own issues and inner demons and that makes for some really good stories that can be shared through music. Their most recent album  “That’s the Spirit” is my favourite so far.

  1. Three Days Grace

I went to one of their concerts recently, and it was amazing. It was loud and there were people of all ages dancing and singing along to the music. It was a lot of fun, and their songs help get out a lot of anger. They’re the types of songs you just want to scream along to while you’re home alone and dance like no one’s watching, because well…no one is. Side note: the lead singer left the band two years ago and I never got to see him in concert, but his new band Saint Asaonia is pretty awesome too. When I listen to the albums his voice just seems more interesting to me.

  1. Twenty One Pilots

For when I can’t decide what kind of genre I want to listen to, I listen to Twenty One Pilots. They’re lyrically beautiful and sad, but worth the listen.

  1. Green Day

I can always go back and listen to Green Day, it brings back memories from when I was a kid and that little bit of nostalgia always makes it worth the listen….And rocking out in the car when it comes on the radio.

  1. All Time Low

I only have one album, but I just really love the sound of the music and it makes me really happy when I listen to it.

Now I know what most people think of music like this, but I like it better than the popular music because it has meaning. There’s depth to the songs and you learn that the band members are people just like you that have their own problems and have to learn to deal with them. And it’s very comforting to know that these famous individuals are really just like you. I take comfort in knowing that these bands will make me feel better on a bad day. Music is music and should never be judged.




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