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Here’s to another creative, however stressful, month. And below are five things that made me happy.

  1. Bones

I love this show, and I recently started watching it again from the first season and may have already binged watched three seasons over the past two weeks. I love this show and watching it again I realized that I actually kind of missed it and the characters. I don’t know it just makes me really happy.

  1. Captain America: Civil War.

This movie was amazing, I ended up seeing it twice in theaters because it was that good. I love all the Marvel movies actually, and I find they do a really good job with sticking to the characters personality, but also having some really good character development in there too.

  1. My colouring book.

It’s not often I pick up my colouring book, but when I do it actually does help me de-stress and I get to pick a bunch of different colours and just have fun, it reminds me of when I was kid. Except now I can actually colour inside the lines and add things like value to have more depth and emphasis on certain areas. I guess those art classes kind of paid off and have flooded into my basic colouring skills.

  1. Cleaning my room.

Most people hate cleaning, but I actually seem to enjoy it. Well when it’s on my terms and I’m not forced to clean anything, I do enjoy it. Sometimes I’ll put some music on, but other times I just sit in silence and focus on what’s in front of me. Re-organizing my closet and dusting off the shelves can be quite calming sometimes.

5. Writing

I think I have written more in the past month than I have in a while and I really enjoy it. Even just planning a character or jotting some notes down for a book idea. I just really seem to enjoy writing and if it wasn’t for the creative writing class I took I never would have learned that.




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