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Bones is one of my favourite TV shows, and while it is on its final season, it will always be a show that puts a smile on my face. I’m sure everyone can relate, we might as well admit that we’ve binged watched at least one show on Netflix.

One night, however, I was bored and wasn’t sure what to watch and ended up starting Bones again from the first season (they are now on their 12th season), and just started watching it all over again and it’s been fun, almost nostalgic because I remember more episodes than I thought I did.

The reason why I like Bones so much is that I find the characters to be relatable. Dr. Temperance Brennan is an INTJ, like myself. Although some have argued she’s more of an ISTJ, but I don’t believe that because she may rely on evidence instead of gut instinct, but that doesn’t mean she’s not intuitive, it only means that her job requires her to rely on facts.

I can’t actually remember why I first started watching Bones, it was about five years ago now, but it is one of those shows I’ve been able to watch over again and not be bored by it. I’ve also been able to do this with Nikita as well. They’re kind of like books that way, you may have a lot of options when you don’t know what to watch, but then you have a tendency to go back and re-watch old shows instead.

The point of this, is that Bones may just be a TV show, but I think we all learn something from resonating with characters whether that be on screen or in a novel and our favourite TV shows tell just as much about us as do our favourite books.

I don’t know, it might be because I’m writer, but I have a tendency to look into things a little too much and I like to be able to notice the tiny details that were added by the actors when they’re in character.

Out of curiosity, what’s you’re favourite TV show? Or Book?




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