20. Photography.jpg

Photography is one of my new passions and it makes me really happy. I have no expensive DSLR camera (yet), but I do have my phone and it actually works pretty well. I love looking at photography tips on different blogs because I don’t have a good camera, and I’ve learned that sometimes it’s more about the lighting and the composition of the photo than whether or not you have a $500 camera in your hands.

I find I notice more now that I am constantly looking for a good shot to take. It’s opened my eyes and really made me believe that there really is beauty in everything.  

I especially love that feeling you get when you know you’ve taken a really good shot. Or even that moment when you’re pulling your phone/camera out because you’ve seen something and you think “I have to get a picture of that” because the lighting is perfect or the clouds look especially stunning that day.

That’s what photography is all about; it’s about catching a moment in time. It’s about capturing beautiful moments in life, smiles, nature, laughter, even sadness. Sadness can be beautiful. Its darkness and mystery that people are attracted to, because it’s not always about the happy moments, sometimes it’s just about the story that goes along with it.



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