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This month, since it is summer, I have been very inspired by a few different things. It’s also been a thought-provoking and self-reflecting month, so it gets a little deep.

  1. Macro Photography

Coloured Pencils

I think macro photography is so amazing and fun. I mean look at this, I took this picture and I love it!!!

  1. Pastel Colours

I don’t know I just seem to be drawn to soft, but still semi-bright colours right now. They’re both eye-catching and elegant.

And now it gets a little deep…

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My Favourite Movies

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I wanted to talk about some of my favourite movies, and this list could have gone on forever, so I decided to only pick three. So here they are.

  1. Underworld

I have been watching this movie since I was eight years old. And when anyone asks me what my favourite movie is, without hesitation I respond “Underworld”. The funny thing is that I was never scared to watch it when I was younger; I mean it was all fake, it wasn’t real, so why be scared.  But I love this movie for a few reasons: there is not only a strong female character, but she is also the lead, and that doesn’t happen often in action movies. She also never needed to be saved, in fact more than once it was her saving her love interest Michael (and not the other way around) There is a lot of action and a pretty decent storyline considering it is vampires and lycans.

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Mobile Lens Kit Review


As a gift, I received the Mobile Lens Kit from Urban Outfitters and so I wanted to do a little review of it. I have not used it that much; however I have very quickly fallen in love with it.

I will admit it is a little temperamental at times, the wide angle lens, on my phone anyway, has a black border around the edge when taking a photo. But that’s only because the lenses were built for an iPhone’s circular camera and not the square-ish one on my Samsung. I figure I can always crop the image which is fine for me.

The fish eye lens is, for lack of better words, pretty cool. I have never used one before and it was interesting to see how it stretches and curves everything. Continue reading Mobile Lens Kit Review

Small Space Living


Over the past few years I have been fascinated by the idea of small space living. I have watched countless videos on YouTube and even attempted to design a few spaces on my computer with interior design software (that is quite outdated at this point, but it works).

There are also a few Tedtalks on the topic, most notably Graham Hill’s talk called “Less Stuff More Happiness” (ted.com/talks/graham_hill). He has also written a few articles and created a YouTube video featuring his 420 square foot apartment (www.youtube.com). What I enjoyed about his apartment was that he still wanted the luxury, a table that could seat ten, a queen size bed, etc. And I think when it comes to transitioning from big spaces to small spaces, still being able to have some of the luxury items in our modern societal lives is important.

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I believe creativity is very important, it allows one to express themselves, and to think of new ideas. Creative intelligence is just as beneficial as any other kind of intelligence.

Creativity comes in many different forms and I think that’s where some people get stuck because it’s not just about being able to draw, it’s not about art. It’s about creating something new and different. Whether that be a painting or a new computer system, or developing a different kind of office space. I think every occupation has room for creativity. Continue reading Creativity