Small Space Living


Over the past few years I have been fascinated by the idea of small space living. I have watched countless videos on YouTube and even attempted to design a few spaces on my computer with interior design software (that is quite outdated at this point, but it works).

There are also a few Tedtalks on the topic, most notably Graham Hill’s talk called “Less Stuff More Happiness” ( He has also written a few articles and created a YouTube video featuring his 420 square foot apartment ( What I enjoyed about his apartment was that he still wanted the luxury, a table that could seat ten, a queen size bed, etc. And I think when it comes to transitioning from big spaces to small spaces, still being able to have some of the luxury items in our modern societal lives is important.

I recently finished a project on over-consumption and had mentioned his talk because living small is something I believe will have to be “normal” very soon, with how much stuff people are consuming and wasting. And don’t get me wrong I consume too, but I have been trying to limit how much I purchase and really stop and think to myself “do I really need this?” (Except for movies, I seem to splurge when it comes to buying movies).

Minimalism is another thing I have looked into, and I like the idea of focusing more on happiness that comes from being with friends and family and the people you love rather than happiness artificially created from consumer items, because really what’s more important that new iPhone 6 or a good laugh with friends?

I also quite love the idea of eventually living small, and cutting out everything in my life I actually don’t need. I’m constantly putting clothes that I don’t wear in a bag for donation and am really trying to get down to the essentials in life.

I find it odd though when it comes to interior design, that most companies focus on decorating these huge spaces, and it just feeds into the consumerism lifestyle that this is how we should all be living. But the reality is most people living alone are in these tiny little apartments because that’s all they can afford. There is one company I came across called Resource Furniture, however it is expensive because it hasn’t made its way into everyday life. There are new apartment buildings in some of the bigger cities in the Unites States that feature small, and space efficient apartments, mostly for people living alone or with a few roommates.

Overall, though I think we should all try to not worry so much about buying the latest gadget that comes out, and really start to focus more on what’s really important and what really interests you. I believe that living small doesn’t mean giving up expensive passions, like buying good quality camera lenses because you enjoy photography. What I really want is to live simply. Follow my passions and explore my interests, no matter the cost, but also be able to come home to a cozy small space that has everything I need and nothing more.




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