Mobile Lens Kit Review


As a gift, I received the Mobile Lens Kit from Urban Outfitters and so I wanted to do a little review of it. I have not used it that much; however I have very quickly fallen in love with it.

I will admit it is a little temperamental at times, the wide angle lens, on my phone anyway, has a black border around the edge when taking a photo. But that’s only because the lenses were built for an iPhone’s circular camera and not the square-ish one on my Samsung. I figure I can always crop the image which is fine for me.

The fish eye lens is, for lack of better words, pretty cool. I have never used one before and it was interesting to see how it stretches and curves everything.

My favourite out of the three lenses though, is definitely the Macro. The camera on my phone isn’t great to begin with, and is not made to take clear macro photos, but I think it does the trick. Below are a few images I’ve taken so far with the Macro lens.

One more thing to add, to use the wide angle lens, it has to be connected to the macro lens and they are a little difficult to get apart. However I discovered a trick if anyone decides to buy the kit. If you put the macro lens on and it gets stuck like mine did. I had difficulty getting a grip on it to twist it off, so I put the wide lens on top of the macro and kept twisting in the same direction and the two lenses came off together. If you want to just use the macro lens twist them on together and again keep twisting in the same direction and the wide lens with come off.

I am only putting that tip there, because I know when reading the very few reviews on the Urban Outfitters website, there were a few complaints about how the two lenses twisted together. Hopefully my description made sense.

Anyway, I really enjoy using the new lenses on my phone and it comes with a small bag that can easily fit in a pocket or purse.



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