My Favourite Movies

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I wanted to talk about some of my favourite movies, and this list could have gone on forever, so I decided to only pick three. So here they are.

  1. Underworld

I have been watching this movie since I was eight years old. And when anyone asks me what my favourite movie is, without hesitation I respond “Underworld”. The funny thing is that I was never scared to watch it when I was younger; I mean it was all fake, it wasn’t real, so why be scared.  But I love this movie for a few reasons: there is not only a strong female character, but she is also the lead, and that doesn’t happen often in action movies. She also never needed to be saved, in fact more than once it was her saving her love interest Michael (and not the other way around) There is a lot of action and a pretty decent storyline considering it is vampires and lycans.

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

As soon as this movie came out I had wanted to see it, but didn’t get the chance to until the last week it was in theaters, possibly the last day. And as soon as we left the theatre I wanted to go back in a watch it all over again. I thought that this movie was really well done and I loved the storyline. My uncle had mentioned the love story between Nux and Capable, but I honestly can’t think of a single movie, even an action one, that doesn’t include some sort of romantic relationship.

Anyway I also like how much planning went into it and how much of it wasn’t actually computer based. Nichols Hoult actually said in an interview that each character was given this video of an entire backstory so they could shape that into how they played the character. I think that is totally amazing that they put so much effort into the characters knowing that’s what truly shapes a film or novel. Even Tom Hardy, who is another amazing actor by the way, spent days trying to find the right voice for his character Max, taking into account that he hadn’t talked in while, he was probably a little dehydrated and therefore, his voice would be a little dry and raspy.

Charlize Theron’s performance was brilliant and along with all the other actors each person took their characters very seriously and Theron really took on the role of being a strong female character. As did the other actors as well, and that’s what made this movie so popular, it was all the female characters that weren’t just there for show and Max never questioned that him and Furiosa were equals, it was a given that they should be treated equally.

  1. Pacific Rim

I love this movie and unlike Mad Max, it was done almost completely with CGI. Which is honestly just as amazing because you really can’t tell anymore whether it’s done on a computer or in real-life.

I liked the story line, but again it all comes down to the characters. Firstly, Mako Mori I believe is totally awesome, and Raleigh treats her like an equal from the start, he doesn’t insist a male partner in the Jaeger he actually chooses Mako. They both go through their hardships and have both lost a great deal, but they choose to fight despite an ending world.

I would like to point out that I am aware that having enough female characters in a film is not by any means trendy right now, however that doesn’t make a movie any less enjoyable. Yes I would like to have some more female leads, but at the same time I care more about the character and their beliefs, who they are as a person, not whether they’re male or female.


So those are probably my top three favourite’s right now. Maybe leave a comment below and share yours?



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