Character Development


A while ago I did a post about Creating Characters and then it had come to my attention that another important thing about writing characters is how they are going to develop. So, once you’ve created a character the next step is figuring out how they are going to develop. And the way I plan out anything is by first asking a bunch of questions, even simple ones. For example, will this character develop positively or negatively? Once that’s decided it’s a bit easier to decide how events will affect this character.

The goal of character development in my view, and I am by no means a professional writer, is to have them learn a lesson, they themselves get something out of the story you’re writing. If you get through an entire novel and a character has stayed the exact same, then it becomes boring. And developing a character negatively is just as interesting as developing one positively because in real life people can make bad choices and they can start to believe in something and choose the “wrong side”. But that’s ok, the story doesn’t have to perfect, but I think it has be real to a certain degree. The characters have to be believable and therefore can either change positively or negatively.

I also believe to a certain extent that the characters kind of write themselves, you do not half to plan out every little detail, just keep typing away at the keys and let the words flow. In my own writing I had planned for two characters to dislike each other, but are forced to work together, however when I was actually writing a scene they took a different route and I decided to write them more at peace with each other. But I was just writing and that’s how it turned out and of course that may change again as the story continues but it’s all about what the characters are learning with each chapter.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say about character development, I do have to get back to writing actually, I have been very busy with this blog and just finishing school and everything, so now I have some free time to write again.



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