Joining Pottermore


Today I wanted to talk about Harry Potter, especially with the new movie coming out in November, and I will admit I have not read the books; however I do plan to at some point, so don’t be too mad at me for seeing all the movies and not reading any of the books.

Anyway I finally joined Pottermore, and again I have no idea why it took so long to join, but it did. So I took the quiz, with my sister who helped me with some of the answers, and I got sorted into…Slytherin. And I was honestly very pleased with that outcome. It has a bad reputation, but I think all the fans of Harry Potter have made it to be what it truly is, a house focused on ambition, resourcefulness, and determination. In my view it’s about knowing what you want in life and doing everything in your power to get yourself there. And while I will admit I can be very unconfident and unsure about myself, I know that if I try hard enough I can reach my goals and become someone I can be proud of.

I also picked a wand, which I didn’t know you could do until I signed up, but I thought it was just as exciting as being sorted into a house. So my wand is made out of Chestnut wood, has a Dragon heartstring core, is 12 ¾” in length and has hard flexibility. I really enjoy this site and reading through all the different articles and seeing how in-depth they all are, and how seriously people take their Harry Potter.

And of course with the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” coming out, they have all the new information on the American Wizarding School, Ilvermorny. And with this school I was sorted into Thunderbird, coincidentally, so was my sister. But I’m super excited about this movie and hopefully by the time I go see it have will have read the HP books. And overall, the experience of being sorted into a house was a lot of fun and though it’s not real it still gave me so much joy.



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