Organization Update + A New Planner


Ok so before I start this post, I will point out it is a Saturday and I know I don’t usually post on Saturday’s, but I just have so much I want to share right now. So I thought I’d try to post two times a week (Thursday and Saturday) plus the Quote of the Week on Monday’s.

Ok now that that’s all cleared up, why don’t we just jump into today’s post….

Do you ever stop and realize an entire month of summer is already gone and you haven’t done anything remotely productive. Because this is how I felt a few weeks ago. Suddenly it was August 1st and my “Summer Goals” turned into August’s “Monthly Goals”. Now keep in mind I have never had to deal with not knowing what to do. Summer used to last two months and then I’d go back to school, but’s that’s not happening this year and so I needed to come up with some sort of plan to get the things I want to do, actually finished and completed.

SAMSUNG CSCSo out came my phone and the Pinterest app. I scrolled through and found this photo and I started using the system right away. Write down everything that needs to get done that day and put a star beside it, then write two more things that could get done if there is time and put an arrow next to it. Finally, record the time started and the time finished for each task. I didn’t even have a proper planner yet and for those few days I had already been 10x more productive than I was through July.

Next came the search for a planner, I had seen some Pins before about having a planner and how many different ones there are, but I hadn’t really looked into it too much. And I still didn’t, but I did look at the pintables and how others went through and organized each day or week. That was some basic inspiration; because I knew what I really needed was the most rudimentary, traditional, planner that money could buy, (Well, kind of). I had a little issue with Staples not having the planner I wanted, but also it would cost $15 extra dollars for shipping. It was an $11 planner. Needless to say this was not happening. So I looked into other possibilities, my sister suggested just a notebook from Chapters and of course little old me, found the only Black and White one in the store.


I decided to go with the soft cover notebook, because I realized I really do not like the notebooks with the rings they just get in the way of everything. So the notebook was $12.95 plus tax, and it has beautiful gold edging. I also like the lines and the fact that they’re narrower than the last notebook I had so I can fit more on the page. Second, there are 208 lined pages, so this will last me for over a year as a planner, and I decided to hand draw it with a black coloured pencil, simply because it’s kind of fun, (unless you start to mess up).


So here’s what I’ve included in my planner:

  • The Month and Year at the top of each page
  • A two-page spread of the month +notes
  • A two-page spread for each week +notes
  • The Square (in the day’s tasks) represents the three most important tasks that need to get done
  • The Circle represents the other 2/3 things that could get done if there is time
  • The boxes at the end of each day represent space to record the start and finish time of each task, and finally,
  • Month End Goals

So far this system has been working so well for me. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and it keeps me on task and productive.

A few other little things that I have been doing to stay organized are firstly, trying to get up earlier. I keep a sticky note at the front of the planner that has a little sketch of the month and if I wake up by 8:30am I put an X through it, if I don’t a circle goes around it and I record the actual time I got up.


Second, I have this thing where I can only use certain notebooks for certain things. So I have one dedicated to writing ideas and prompts. Another I plan blog posts and ideas for the photos that go along with them. One is kind of like a journal and the last one I use for random creative ideas.

This may just be me, but having separate notebooks keeps everything for that topic in one place and it’s easy to grab and flip through to find what I’m looking for.

So that’s all for today, hopefully this inspired you to be a little more organized if you’re not already and I’ll be back next week.



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