Technology De-Clutter and Tips

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To continue on to last week’s post, I also looked into organizing my technology. And this is for a few reasons, 1) I’ve been looking into minimalism and just generally wanting to de-clutter and have less stuff, 2) my phone started to be so overcrowded with memos and apps and 3) my computer files are a mess!

Over the past month or so I’ve been reading a lot of new blogs and watching some new YouTuber’s and they’re mainly centered around Minimalism and living more simply.

These are the two YouTube Videos I found that helped:

Declutter Your Digital Space [Minimalism Series] // Rachel Aust

Digital Decluttering & Organization by LightbyCoco

If you want more of a blog format like mine:

How to Declutter and Organize your Digital Files: The Blissful Mind

But there are also other resources like Pinterest that are helpful to find better ways to organize your technology.

1. My Phone

Firstly, I am going to start with my phone. I take my phone pretty much everywhere, and I use it for everything. I take photos, I write down ideas, and all my emails go straight to my phone. And one day I realized how cluttered it was, I had an entire page of apps that I don’t really use, I have widget’s open that I don’t need, I still had the Phone and Contacts buttons on the bottom of the screen, which I don’t use because no one really calls me and I’m not adding new contacts or searching for old ones very often.

Basically those two were the first to go. Then I went through the pages of apps, and removed everything from those main screens. From the picture you can see that on Samsung phones there’s the Apps button at the bottom right corner of the screen and all of my apps are there, even the downloaded ones, for when I need to use them. Then I got rid of the Shazam Widget, because if I need it I’ll use the app, and it just takes up too much space. That put me down to two main pages and the second page is only half filled.

Then came the Memos. I had 20+ memos all in disarray and I did not want to deal with it anymore. So I copy and pasted all the information into six folders.

  1. Blog Ideas (post ideas or what I’m including in my inspiration posts)
  2. Reminders
  3. Writing (books ideas, prompts I’ve actually typed out on my phone)
  4. Personal
  5. Project ideas (random projects I might be interested in looking into)
  6. Other

This way I can click on the folder, and then add a new page and it all stays organized. When I don’t need the note anymore I simply delete it that way the folders themselves don’t get cluttered either.

One other thing is when it comes to alarms and you use your phone like I do, instead of using the default annoying ones. I download movie theme songs from Zedge and use those. Right now I have it set to the Gladiator theme song, because I can keep it at a lower volume and I always find it inspiring so it’s a good way to start off the morning.

2. My Laptop

Secondly, there is my laptop. This still needs a lot of work, and I feel like you don’t realize you have so many files and folders until you try to find something or go through them and de-clutter.

Tip #1 Look at everything on one page.

This simply means moving everything to your main documents page and seeing everything, but more clearly.

Tip #2 Label everything in ALL CAPS.

I find that this separates the file names from the words on the rest of the page because traditionally titles start with a capital and the rest is lowercase, and if your documents are labelled the same way it all melts together in my mind.

Tip #3 File older documents away.

For all those photos and documents that you don’t look at, but want to keep, create a folder. I labeled mine 1 OLDER DOCUMENTS, so it would appear at the top of the page. But you can label yours however you wish.

Tip #4 Categorize.

Label new folders according to certain categories, for example I have a separate folder called WORDPRESS, and this is where I keep all of my files related to this blog. And then of course there are sub categories within that folder. I keep my Blog Posts and Blog Photos in two separate folders. I also try to file away all the posts for a month into a folder.

So if that didn’t make sense it basically goes like this:


Organizing by date is also a good way to stay organized.

City Scape.jpg
Current Desktop Wallpaper

Tip #5 The Desktop.

For shortcuts on the Desktop page I keep it to a minimum, I have the Microsoft programs like Word and Powerpoint, the Recycle Bin, iTunes, etc. All together I have 9 shortcuts on the main screen. Then File Explorer and Chrome on the Taskbar.

Tip # 6 The Wallpaper.

For the wallpaper on both my phone and desktop I try to choose an image that inspires me. Usually I just go to Google, but for my phone I used blogs and Pinterest and put images together to make a kind of Inspiration/mood board. So every time I unlock my phone I have images there that inspire me.

Tip #7 Passwords.

I try to change my passwords at least every year if not more frequently. Thankfully there’s only a few websites I use that require passwords, so it’s kept to a minimum.

What I do when it comes to thinking of new passwords is come up with at least three and then scatter them to my various accounts. This way I don’t have to think of, and remember a bunch of new passwords each time, and I’m not using only one password for everything.

Black Border Word.jpg

Tip #8 A personal preference.

I only just started doing this, but I found myself bored whenever I went to type up a new document and it’s always the same thing you have to look at. So I actually made myself a template through Word that has a spot for a title, which I put in all caps. And then a black border around the edges. This just offsets the usual look and gives your eye something else to look at. And honestly it has become my go-to template when I need to write something new.

Ok so that’s a lot more information than I thought it was going to be. I hope you, as readers, were able to understand it and with any luck can take something away from the tips I gave you.



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