10 Inspiring Youtubers and Bloggers You’ll Love

31. YT Bloggers.jpg

I have been following a lot of blogs and channels lately and so I thought I’d share some of the inspiration I’ve been collecting with you. First up: Youtubers.


  1. Light by Coco

LightbyCoco Channel

I had found Coco’s videos a while ago, but had never watched them on a regular basis. And about a month ago, I went back and watched like all of her Capsule Wardrobe videos. She focuses on minimalism and keeping everything clean and clutter-free and that is something I’m really trying to do right now, so she really inspired me to do that and live a simpler life.

  1. Rachelleea

Rachel’s Channel

I started watching Rachel’s video’s at the end of July and I like that she talks about a bit of everything, from eating healthy, to DIY’s and organizing. Again she is very minimalist-like and I find her videos to be that little bit of inspiration on the day’s she updates.

Rachelleea: How to Create Your Signature Style

If I remember correctly this was one of the first video’s I watched and it’s one of the videos that got me thinking about revamping my own wardrobe.

  1. Allison Anderson

Allison’s Channel

Allison’s Blog

I don’t watch all of Allison’s videos, but I did watch the minimalism ones. I liked hearing about her journey through it and how she went from buying and consuming everything to really thinking about her purchases especially when it comes to clothing. It’s something even I am guilty of, and I have learned to really think about what I’m buying because of her.

  1. Carly Cristman

Carly’s Channel

Carly’s Blog

I came across her channel randomly one night and then watched about 10 of her videos that same night. And I loved every single one. Her videos have helped me achieve the style I want, and make sure I buy clothes that can be both casual and chic. I also love neutrals like her, and I think despite doing fashion videos and being concerned with your looks, she also promotes uniqueness and tells her viewers to just be yourself and wear what makes you feel confident and happy.


Moving on to bloggers, some of them I found more recently and others I’ve been following for about a year or more. Like this first one.

  1. Quietrev


Quietrev.com was created by Susan Cain, author of “Quiet: The Power of Introverts”. I found her TedTalk about three years ago and when I came across her blog, I just loved it. I have found some amazing advice and it has helped me recognize my strengths as an introvert and I definitely recommend checking it out.

  1. Into Mind


Into Mind is run by a woman named, Anuschka, and she writes about “how to curate the perfect wardrobe.”

Her 10 step program for revamping your wardrobe is awesome. It’s the one that I decided to follow through with and have already drawn up a colour palette and started buying clothes that really fit my style and make me feel confident.

  1. Introvert, Dear


This is another Introvert blog I follow on Pinterest and like Quietrev, it’s real people talking about their own experiences through dealing with being introverted in a very extroverted world and it’s about learning your strengths no matter what MBTI type you are.

  1. The Everygirl


This is a fashion/lifestyle blog I like. I read it mostly for decorating tips and home tours, and they give you some pretty great advice on budgeting too. It’s not one I follow all the time though, but it’s still very inspiring.

  1. Apartment Therapy


House tours, and studio apartment inspiration. This site always gives me good inspiration for my own space and possible future studio apartment. I love the idea of living small (means less cleaning), and more time to myself.

  1. The Blissful Mind


Catherine has some great health and wellness tips, as well as how minimalism has changed her life. She’s a planner, like myself, and has created some pretty awesome printables to help you along in living more simply.

So that’s all for today, and if you know of any other inspiring blogs  or channels, leave a comment below.



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