#Inspiration- August


Another Month of Summer already gone. Now take some time to appreciate all the happy things that have happened this month, and then prepare yourself for the next….

  1. Wardrobe Revamp

After a few weeks of planning, I finally had some money to start purchasing some new items for my wardrobe. I mentioned this in my last post, about the INTO-MIND blog and how she outlines everything you need to figure out your style and start creating a wardrobe you’ll love.

What I love most about doing this is seeing everything start to come together. Seeing all the new outfits I can get out of a piece of clothing and just thinking about how this is so me, and I know that I’ll feel confident in these clothes.

  1. L’Oreal Grey Nail Polish


I was never a huge fan of nail polish, it’s time consuming to me and I never cared too much about it when I was going to school. But then I thought about how much I love neutral colours, especially grey. So I strolled over to the store and bought the shade of grey I wanted. I don’t care too much for brand, (except I really don’t like Essie). What I wanted was a light grey nail polish that will match anything and I found one, the exact colour is Greycian Goddess. And I love it, I love how it went on and how it looked after it all dried. You get the point, I love Grey nail polish!

  1. Solitude

This is nothing new, I enjoy being by myself, but one particular day I just needed a break from everything, and I sat outside on the deck. I didn’t listen to any music; the only noises were the traffic and the birds. And at one particular moment I closed my eyes just as the wind picked up a bit and I smiled. It was so refreshing and I just let myself take a few deep breaths and appreciate my life, even with all the struggles that the average life carries, I have these moments, these lovely, peaceful moments.

  1. My Cat and his Cone of Shame

MIles Cone.jpg

Recently my cat, Miles, had his claws removed and of course the Cone of Shame (or as the Vet likes to call it the “Elizabethan Collar”…no seriously that’s what it said on the papers that came home with him).

This isn’t really inspiring, but it gave me a good laugh seeing him try to get around corners with the cone on, and the little head bobble he would do every time he walked. It was both adorable and absolutely hilarious.

  1. Spider Web

Spider Web.jpg

One morning as I stepped downstairs, I realized it had rained, and out on the deck all you see were spider webs. Normal people would call that creepy, but I didn’t. I grabbed my phone, and I went out and snapped a picture. Because of the rain, the webs were sparkling and it was just the right time in the morning that the sun could shine through it. Needless to say I love the photo.

  1. Start of something new.

I was scrolling through Pinterest (obviously) and I came across an article about self-love and one line really stuck out at me. It read “don’t judge your beginning to someone else’s middle.” It was perfect and I resonated with it so much because that’s where I am right now. I’m at the start of something which is a place I haven’t been in a while and I just need to remember to breath and take my time and it will all come together eventually.

  1. The Tragically Hip Concert

The Tragically Hip played there last concert August 20th, 2016. If you don’t know they are a hugely popular band in Canada and they just finished their last tour because the lead singer, Gord Downey, was diagnosed with cancer. And they finished it in their home town, Kingston, Ontario, which just so happens to be where I’m from. And while I didn’t go to the concert, I was in the market square and it was amazing. There were so many people and we were all there for one reason, to see the Hip play and the energy of the crowd was breath-taking.

I mean we stopped broadcasting the Olympics to show this concert, the Prime Minister even showed up.

I was exhausted by the end of the night, but they played for three hours and gave it their all, and so did the crowd. There was a lot of love and support for both the band and their fans.

It was a great way the end the summer.

What has given you joy this month?



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