Learning Origami


When I was about eight or nine I started to look into Origami, I cannot remember how I thought of it, but I guess I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to learn something. So then it started and the watching of a thousand YouTube videos began. I did have a few books on it, but I always found the picture difficult to follow so I searched it on YouTube and that’s how I learned the majority of what I know now.

Now I will admit I have not done any Origami in a while it was a phase for a few years and then it passed, but that didn’t mean I had forgotten how to make any of them.

Red Rose

My sister and I actually made 80 little roses each for a wedding for each place setting, we had to actually cut a square out for each rose because of the paper we had picked out, so I could probably make one with my eyes closed now.

I mostly make roses and lily’s I’m not sure why though they just seem to be the most fascinating to me I guess. But I always found origami to be rather calming, if you know what you’re doing anyway, if not it’s quite frustrating. It’s just a way to pass the time and clear the mind. Even when I was a kid and we’d go out for dinner I’d tear up the paper kids menu’s and make origami. It’s one of those little things to learn that always brings people around your table, so to speak, everyone was always interested in how you made it and how you learned.

Rose and Lily

Side note: if you ever make origami, keep it away from pets, my cats have torn them to pieces if I leave them lying around.

So that’s my story on origami and how the skills of paper-folding are forever embedded in my brain. If you do want to learn, YouTube is probably your best bet, because the videos can pause and play and you get to see how each piece is folded specifically.



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