Another month already gone and I must say it flew by really quickly. And although it was not the happiest month of my life, I still found a few things to appreciate.

  1. Working on dealing with anxiety.

Coming to terms with anxiety has been difficult, but a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I started to feel an improvement that same day. I thought to myself that “yeah, I can do this.”

  1. Every day selfies.

I usually dislike photos of myself, but to see me smiling in every single one. And you do get the hang of taking a selfie after a while. I guess it’s a skill like anything else.

  1. Blog Success.

So after last week’s post I checked the month’s views so far. And I am pleased to say that even though I still had a week to go I had already tied with last month’s views. And I’m up to 29 followers, so thank you so much for liking my posts and being interested in what I have to say and share with this world.

  1. Reading The Girl on the Train.

I will admit, I was skeptical the first few chapters in of The Girl on the Train. But oh my god did it ever get so much better, I breezed through half of it in two days after that.

I also might do a review of the book, and a comparison to the movie after I go see it. So you can expect that coming up in a couple of weeks.



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