Anxiety Experiment


Hello Readers! So last week I talked about anxiety and how I was dealing with it. But it got me thinking enough to try to do a little experiment. I called it the Feel-Good Experiment. It consists of a checklist that includes:

  • Getting up at the same time every day
  • Doing the High Power Pose (as mentioned in the previous post)
  • Taking a selfie
  • Listening to music, and
  • Going for a walk.

I also tracked my technology use, and I’m kind of glad to say it averaged about 5 hours a day, and I honestly thought it was way more, especially considering most of what I do is now computer based (i.e. blogging, writing, researching, etc.)

Anyway, I also wanted to track my mood somehow and see if what I was doing actually improved it at all, as well as my anxiety. I found an app called Diary-Mood Tracker, created by Mood Tracker Lovers. When downloaded the apps name itself will appear as “Daylio.” You can track your mood, but also track what activity you were doing at that time. You can set a few reminders when you want to check in, (the only bad thing is that any more than two reminders and you had to get the Premium version). But I liked that there wasn’t any limits on how many times a day you could check-in and write down what you were feeling. I find it to be efficient and useful and could really see that after doing the High Power Pose I did feel better about myself.

So this experiment I only did from Sept. 26th-30th. Just to see how it would go, but I think I will continue it for the month of October and give another update at the end of the month.

Overall I think that this is something I’ll really try to stick to. Even after the first couple of days I felt an improvement. I even ended getting a little sick and was still able to get up, do the high power pose, and do at least some of the things on my to-do-list.

Basically if you are struggling with anxiety, or are just feeling a little down one day, sticking to a routine I think really helps. Another thing you can do is just smile. That’s it. As long as you force yourself to smile a few times a day, even if you don’t feel happy, just stretching those muscles can help make you feel better. So I totally recommend smiling, doing the high power poses every morning, and sticking to some form of a routine.



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