Book Review: The Girl on the Train


Hello Readers. As you should know by now I read “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins, if you didn’t know, I mentioned it in this post where I suggest a few good books to read. But anyway, since the movie is coming out (or has already come out) I thought I better do a book review and share my thoughts on the novel.

The Book

First of all, I loved this book. I will admit it was a bit of a slow read for me at the beginning. I’ve never read anything in this genre before, and the whole cheating and divorce thing was a little dramatic for my liking.

But as the story went on, and you start to realize that Megan’s story is slowly catching up with Rachel’s in terms of time, (the book is kind of like a diary, it says the date and then whether it’s morning or evening so as a reader you get a sense of  the timeline) it gets super exciting to read. You really do want to know what happens next and with each chapter you get more bits of information and each time I felt like my predictions completely switched. Like one moment I think I have it all figured it out and the next I’m at a complete loss, and it only makes me want to keep reading. Needless to say I breezed through about 2/3 of the book in two days.

It is Hawkins first thriller and I think she did an amazing job, of not only keeping the reader engaged, but getting into each characters head, and really thinking about how they would act and react in certain situations. For example, Anna’s fear of Rachel and just wanting to protect her child to the point she herself becomes so anxious she begins to act just like Rachel.

And I like how each character was developed, by the end of the novel, your views of are upside down and backwards. Hawkins does this in such a way that you think “why didn’t I see that coming.” As if it should have been so obvious that Rachel, being the main character, isn’t really all that crazy.

You also get an amazing sense of what each character is feeling and how they react to grief and loss and I think that’s what makes them feel real, it’s one of the things readers can relate to, that sense of fear and sadness, and also that little bit of curiosity. You become just as enthralled with everyone else’s story as much as Rachel.

Overall, the book was amazing, I definitely recommend it and while it had its slow moments, it was still a great read.

The Movie

As soon as I found out it was Emily Blunt playing Rachel I was sold. If I hadn’t read the book, it’s probably not something I would go and see, but if there was ever an off chance I would, it would be because of Emily Blunt.

I still have not managed to go out and see it yet, but I might do a mini-review on my Instagram when I do finally see it, instead of doing another blog post about it.


Anyway, that’s all for today. Hope you’re having a lovely day, and if you’re not I hope you still find something to smile about.



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