Well this month has been crazy. A lot of ups and downs, and months like these remind me why I started this #Inspiration every month. To remember the good things that happen in life even when you think it’s not going so well. We all have bad days, and sometimes even weeks, but we always get through them with a little help.

Here are five things that I loved about this month.

  1. Doctor Strange

I have been waiting months to see this movie! I love Benedict Cumberbatch, I think he is such an amazing actor so to see him join the Marvel Universe was unbelievable. And the movie was done so well, and of course it still had that classic marvel humor that you find in all of their movies.

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Sustainable, Stylish, + Smart Fashion: SF Part 2


Sustainable fashion has been getting the recognition it deserves since the disaster of Rana Plaza. People have been speaking out, becoming more aware of the issues and what they can do to help. Companies have been formed on the basis of ethically made, sustainable fashion, so an incident like Rana Plaza never happens again.

Co-Founder of Zady, Maxine Bedat, was one those brands. In her TedTalk, she explains her journey started with the tags. She became curious about where her clothing was coming from and when she realized the enormity of the problems and what little had actually been done, she started something called “The New Standard.”

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Why Fashion Matters: Sustainable Fashion Part 1


There’s all this talk about mindfulness and minimalism. It’s become a trend, a complete lifestyle switch, to try to live the most fulfilling life that focuses on family and friends and the passions that truly excite our soul.

And while most have indulged in some aspect of that lifestyle, myself included, there still seems to be one thing that gets overlooked again and again. And that is fashion. Fashion is about self-expression, showing who you are on the inside, out for the world to see. And if so many of us are trying to be more aware of what thoughts we let enter our minds, and what food we decide to put into our bodies, why are we also not caring about the clothing we wear every day?

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