Understanding INTJs: Part 2


INTJs are of the top most misunderstood types, and I can vouch for that. It’s truly frustrating trying to explain to someone close to you how differently you think. In Part 1 I explained the functions and what I thought they applied to relationships, whether that be a friendship or otherwise.

But of course it’s never enough to only explain how we see the world, so here are a few tips as to how others can understand us (even just a little bit).

1.We already understand you.

Know that when you want to understand us, we already understand you. I mean it gets to the point where someone may know very little about me, but I can predict their words and actions like its second nature.

2. Rationality

If you want to connect with us, and want to be a part of our lives be completely honest. We are rational, we will understand where you are coming from. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings, (and if we hurt yours, tell us, we will do everything we can to fix the mistake and never let it happen again).

3. We still have emotions.

I do enjoy connecting on that emotional level, we all have our hardships and values of the world and discussing those things is still very important to us. We might only have a different way of explaining said emotions, in a more technical manner.

4. Problems

If you have a problem you want help with, or want a project done, go to your INTJ friend. We will be able to bring a fresh new perspective to the situation. You want to understand us, make us feel valued and appreciated in the ways that matter to us.


We’re thinkers, we like ideas, we like figuring stuff out and learning. So let us use our natural strengths. And it will be of even more value if we can use those strengths to help someone we care about. I know us INTJs have an odd way of going about it, yes, we don’t like always like flowers, and you may have to do a bit more than just tell us that you were grateful for our help. But for both people in a relationship (whatever type of relationship that may be), showing someone that you really care, even in your own funky way, holds more worth than a few words strung together ever will.

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That’s all for this week, hope it helped, and your welcome to leave a comment below of your thoughts on Understanding INTJs.




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