The True Cost: A Documentary Review


Since discovering the issues with the fashion industry and its environmental impact I have tried to become more aware about the clothing I buy. Through my research, however, I came across a documentary called The True Cost that is about ethical fashion and the fast fashion industry as it stands today. And I am happy to say have finally watched, it went up on Netflix a few weeks ago and I watched it as soon as I could. So here are my thoughts…

The introduction alone I thought was very touching and gave an excellent overview of what to expect from the film. It starts off with a narration that says “This is a story about clothing, it’s about the clothes we wear the people who make these clothes and the impact that it’s having on our world. It’s a story about greed and fear, power and poverty, it’s complex as it extends all the way around the world, it’s also simple, revealing just how connected we are to the many hearts and hands behind our clothes.”

The basis of this film’s story is through the stories of others. Everyone from fashion designers, to sustainable designers, to the workers that make the clothes, and even extends to express the opposing argument (that sweat shops may actually be good). Clothes are everywhere, everyone wear clothes and it is how we express ourselves to the outer world, in a sense as said by Orsola De Castro it is a form of “personal communication.” Not only should we care how the clothes look, but we should consider how the clothing is made, each piece then begins to hold a story.

As much as I already knew, there was still a lot in this documentary that I had no idea even occurred. It touched on the usual environmental, social, and economic issues, but brought a whole new light to the struggle that individual workers suffer through, from the farmers that are being controlled, to the female workers that have to make great sacrifices in order to make a living.

Overall, it was an amazing documentary and I totally recommend watching, it if you haven’t already.




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