Hey readers, I was thinking about books the other day and realized how much my taste in books has changed over the years. I’m sure you can relate when you just get so bored with a genre and are willing to read any other book in any other genre just so you don’t have to read anymore fantasy or crime, etc.

Well that’s how I’ve been feeling.

For the longest time it was all fantasy novels and YA and it has gotten so boring and predictable, that’s it’s really annoying now to try to read.

For example, I’ve read the Immortals series by Allison Noel, which after six books was probably not worth the read.

I also read the Soul Seeker series by the same author and with the YA genre I find authors tend to write the same thing over and over again, the story never varies enough for me. I find now I want variety and a story that’s not so predictable.

There were a few YA novels that I did enjoy. One was the Prophecy of the Sisters series, although it’s been several years since I read them, my opinion might be different if I read them again.

The other series that I loved, honestly it’s one of my favourites to the point where I still keep them there on the shelf and have yet to donate them, is Ally Carter’s Heist Society. In my opinion it’s like Harry Potter in the sense that they never get old (of course nothing really can ever compare to Harry Potter) but, I’ve picked up this series again and again and loved it possibly more each time.

Side note: her other series Gallagher Girls, while I never finished the whole series, I never liked it as much as Heist Society.

Since this whole YA phase I have now read books like The Picture of Dorian Gray, and received Cross the Line by James Patterson as a gift for Christmas. I have read Harry Potter and books like Bloom by Estee Lalonde and Connor Franta’s Memoir A Work in Progress.

Basically I now have an actual reading list that includes many different genres for variety and I’m excited about reading something different for a change instead of reading the same thing over and over again. I think as a writer it’s best to have diversity and try to write something different each time because it’s not always about what readers want, sometimes it’s more about testing your own skills as a writer and discovering what potential you have.

How has you’re reading taste changed/developed over the years? What’s your favourite book/series?





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