I can’t believe it’s already 2017, like where did the year go, and it’s also been a whole month into the year so let’s celebrate some of the highlights.

1.Harry Potter

We re-watched the entirety of the Harry Potter series in three days, and I read the whole series. So it’s been a lot of Harry Potter this month.

2. Full-length mirror

Only us fashionistas will appreciate the full value that is full-length mirrors.

No more only seeing half my outfit in the morning.

3. I have actually started colouring again.


4. The Women’s March of 2017

All my favourite youtubers and bloggers attended, but I didn’t have a chance unfortunately. Still I fully support equality and feminism, we need to stand up for ourselves and not settle for anything less than what we deserve.

5. The People’s Choice Awards

I didn’t watch it, but with the media coverage you almost didn’t have to. Meryl Streep’s speech was perfect.

6. Peanut being cute.


7. Back to the same room.

My sister and I are now back to sharing a room. The upside to this is I got to spend two whole days going through and organizing everything. Listening to music, and sorting things into boxes and refolding clothes, is exactly how I like to spend my weekend. Lol.

Overall it’s been an ok month, not great, but you have to appreciate the little things, and I’m looking forward to creating a great year for myself.




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