Favourites: Beauty and Skin-Care


I don’t wear makeup, and I never really have. Sure, I went through that phase in 8th grade where all I wanted to do was wear makeup; I wore blue eye shadow, and put on mascara so horribly I hardly realized it, but hey it’s part of growing up.

But I stopped wearing makeup, mostly because I didn’t understand the need for it. Going through that process every morning is way too time-consuming for me; I always thought I had better things to do than worry about my appearance. Even when it comes to clothing, I figure as long as I buy nice-looking clothes, it won’t matter what I throw on in the morning.

The thing is I do care about to a certain extent how I look, everyone does, and I have found some pretty awesome skin care products and decided to share them with you, so let’s jump into it….



  1. EOS Lip Balm

I know this is far from new, but EOS lip balm is one of the few lip balms that actually work for me. And my family caught on, so now I have like six lip balms that I will take me like two years to go through.

Side note: EOS hand cream on the other hand is terrible in my view. It’s packaged in a small container and therefore has to contain extra water in order to be squeezed out, and this water only dries out your skin more. Which leads me to Number 2.


  1. Wick Witch Apothecary Body Butter

This is a small brand that I only recently discovered. I usually use just normal Body Shop Shea Butter, but a friend of mine received this for Christmas, but seeing as she works as a nurse in a scent-free environment she couldn’t use it and gave it to me instead.

It smells so nice, and I honestly want to take a road trip up to this shop because I haven’t been yet, but it smells so amazing and I checked out their Instagram (link here), and they have so many other products, I’m sure anyone can find something in there.


  1. Invisibobble

While it’s not a skin-care product, I kind of count it as a beauty one because everyone needs some awesome hair elastics, and these little Invisibobble’s are just that. Again I received these for Christmas, and fell in love with them. Before I cut my hair, it was so long and with these elastics I could twist my hair up and it’d stay put, I didn’t have to do anything extra to it (however the bun stayed in better when my hair was still wet, but either way it works great!).


While I don’t wear makeup, that doesn’t mean I can’t have an arsenal of awesome beauty and skincare products at my disposal.




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