Writing Course: Week 5

63. WC Week 5.jpg

Last week I received full marks on my assignment and quiz, and now the focus is on Point of View.

We spent maybe one day on this in my high school course, going through the different types (first, second, and third person), and then wrote a short piece using the second point of view, given that it’s the least popular and probably the most difficult one to do.

I find it interesting how some types become popular at certain times, while others are rarely used. For example, first person is extremely popular right now; I can barely pick up a novel without it being written in first person. But a while ago books were written in third person either as limited perspective or omniscient.

While I don’t mind reading in either perspective, I do think that first person can get a little boring over time, and I find it a little restricting as a writer to have to focus on what’s going on in a single person’s mind.

I’ve recently tried writing in third person and like it a lot better, I can zero in on more details and make sure that some of the other character’s get the recognition they deserve.

Also my two favourite series are written in third person limited, so maybe there is a bit of favouritsm there.

Anyway, this week’s assignment has been fun. I think writing in different perspectives as a writer can be quite useful when it comes to diversity and variety. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m someone who likes to switch things up and I need that variety in order to get inspired and motivated again.

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