Clothing Haul+Favourite Outfits

64. Fav Outfits.jpg

If you don’t already know, I live in Canada and while some days it can be quite mild, it can also drop t0 -20 degrees Celsius overnight. So that means fashion may have to take one for the team and settle on comfy sweaters and leggings most days. But that’s the whole point of layering right? Today, I’d like to share some of my recent purchases and how I like to wear these items during the cold winter months.

Item #1- A good pair of Winter Boots

64. Boots 1.JPG

These are Merrel boots, and they are so stylish and comfy who could ask for anything more, oh right, how about 70% off the selling price.

Item #2- V-Neck Copper Knit Sweater

This Knit Sweater I found at Old Navy, and while yes it was cheap I just couldn’t pass up the colour, plus I was in dire need of some basic sweaters. I would wear this Copper Knit Sweater, with a camisole underneath (obviously, it’s freaking cold here), and then layer a cardigan overtop of the sweater and maybe roll the sleeves a bit. For jewelry I like to wear these triquetra earrings. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry so if I wear a bracelet it’ll just be a pair of small earrings, if I wear a necklace I won’t wear earrings at all. I’m not the only like that am I?

Item #3- ¾ Sleeve Cream Knit Sweater

This was actually a hand-me-down; we do this a lot in my family. If a shirt or something doesn’t fit one person anymore it usually gets donated or passed down to someone else. But I love how it fits and it makes me feel really good when I wear it. This, again, I’d wear with a camisole, and instead of a cardigan I’d wear this black scarf from Ardene, with my olive green jeans (that I honestly wear all the time). And for jewelry I like to wear either the heart-shaped diamond earrings or the white gold earrings to add a bit of elegance.

Item #4- Everlane Crew Sweatershirt

I adore this sweater, and I also bought the back high-waist skinny jeans that I bought at the same time from Dynamite and love those just as much. Naturally I’d wear these two together, but on those really cool days I’ll layer it with a tank top, then a button up, and then the sweater. With this outfit, I’d just go with t classic white pearl earrings and maybe do something with my hair.

Hope these give you some inspiration on what to wear this winter.



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