Writing Course: Week 6

63. WC Week 6.jpg

Week 6, already, only five more weeks to go…

This week’s focus for my Writing Course was tone and style, as well as description. And of course, the first part of the assignment we had to differentiate between Tone and Style, and I found this to be really difficult because in order to write well, you need both. Style develops overtime as you get better at writing, you find your own voice/style as a writer, and tone sets the mood of the writing, but I believe that you almost always have both in a single piece of writing and I had to somehow distinguish between the two, I did it, and I’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

The second part was description and including the five senses, something I probably forget all too often, or include it naturally without realizing it.

I write best when I just let the words flow, if I have everything planned out too much I can’t write it (which I find odd considering how organized I like to be), but when it comes to writing, it’s about being creative and expressing the ideas you have in your head. This applies to small stories, in my opinion, if I were to write something longer like a full-length novel I’d probably want most of it planned out. However I do tend to write better when it’s just in short sequences and I’m letting the words write themselves.

This week, I was also reminded yet again of how dark my writing can get. My Writer’s Craft teacher in high school, said the one thing she would always remember about this/my class was that we all took a liking towards the dark and gruesome end of writing.

Example: This was what I wrote to explain Style…

And she was pouring out her soul, skeletal red letters etching themselves into the yellowing parchment. As tears rolled down her cheeks and splotched the inky blood, the pen fiery hot in her hands, the warm metal blistering her once soft palms. But she had to keep writing, and writing, she couldn’t stop writing. The words didn’t stop. The urge to forever hold this flaming instrument in her small hands never came close to the need to stop the pain. She liked the pain. She had asked for the pain. And here the pain would stay. As would she in this tortuous kingdom of devastation and vengeful souls.  

Anyway, that’s a little taste of my writing, and I must say, this is far better than anything I wrote in high school, and it’s rewarding to see how much I have improved since last year.

Writing Course Introduction: Creative Writing: Online Course




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