WC: Week 8


Out of all the assignments I’ve had to do so far, this was probably the longest. Time and Thoughts were the topics for this week, and actually trying to intentionally write about time and thoughts proved quite difficult. I ended up sticking to one main story and went through each part of the question. The first was an illustrative example of the when the story was set, and then we had to write an action sequence, and write about duration and flashbacks.

I always tend to enjoy the assignments after I’ve mulled it over for a few days and let my brain think of a decent idea I can write about. Even with my own personal writing I tend to write page after page only to not even open the word document the next day, [deep sigh] “Oh the life of a writer.”

You can go so long without getting a hint of a proper idea, and then bam you see something or hear something and you mind creates an entire story and you get bored with it before you get to anything good. That’s what it’s like for me anyway. I find I get these really good ideas, and then I focus on the length of the overall story too much and end up bored with it and have to move on to something else. There’s no telling how many half-finished stories I have out there.

I find it interesting though with the assignments and having each aspect of writing carefully explained. To deliberately focus on point of view and then description and so on, because it makes you realize 1) how much you don’t actually know about writing and 2) how much you can do without realizing it.

I think writing from different points of view could be a strong suit because of the work I did in high school and we had to write in second person (one of the hardest POV’s to write in), so I got that skill down.

But writing specifically about time and incorporating the thoughts of the characters I could use some work on. This course has opened my eyes to how much I really don’t know, but it doesn’t make me feel bad for not knowing, I’ve learned a lot through this course and I think I’ll quite enjoy finishing the other’s to get the final Literary Certificate.

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