Writing Course: Week 9

70. Week 9

There’s only two weeks left to go for my writing course, and this week was the easiest one so far. There wasn’t an assignment so there was only a quiz and a chapter to read. However the chapter was quite long I was sitting and reading for over an hour, when the other chapters took me half that time.

The focus was imagery and sound, so it went over the basic concepts of poetry and how the English language naturally has a rhythm to it when you frame certain words together. It’s how song writing works and goes far beyond simple rhyming techniques, to the point where I just started reading and stopped trying to understand it all because that was not happening.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say this week given that there wasn’t a lot do in the course. One last thing is that I jumped a little ahead and got the reading and quiz done for next week, but the assignment I’ve been putting off. 1) Because I have to write a stage play, which I originally thought would be interesting until 2) we have to base it off a poem from the textbook and I did not like the poem at all.

I’ll see how it goes anyway, I plan to pick away at it, do a little bit at a time, or maybe I’ll just do it all in a couple hours and get it over with (probably the latter).

Writing Course Introduction: Creative Writing: Online Course



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