Big Magic: Book Review

71. Big Magic

Told you there would be Book Reviews coming up.

Out of the three books I posted last week, I have now read two of them, Cross the Line, and Big Magic.(I have yet to actually go out and buy The Elements of Eloquence).

I’m not going to do a review for Cross the Line, only because I didn’t feel it lived up to its potential. The crime genre, in my opinion, has been dried up in terms of creating fresh new ideas because a lot of it has been done in movies now. Not to bash James Patterson, his novels are popular for a reason and he is very successful and has used that success to get people interested in reading. I just thought it was missing the usual description that I’ve grown fond of.

Anyway, on to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book was awesome; I read it in two days because it pulled me right into it.

The book is divided into parts and it then divided into small chapters, which makes for a quick read. Each section discusses something different, but its focus is creative living. It’s about how to make room for your passion in your life, and to encourage yourself to continue with that passion no matter what life throws at you. Like Gilbert, I too believe that we are all creative; it’s only a matter of recognizing that creativity and allowing it to bloom and to let those sudden ideas take hold and to run with them.

It gave me a new view on creative living as well, I have been trying to live for openly, but feel slightly unsuccessful. But Gilbert added perspective and said that sometimes we have to learn to let things go and not make a fuss about losing a certain idea or one not working out the way you want it to. The goal is to simply keep writing, or drawing, or keep doing whatever your passion is.

I find it comforting to also know that other, much more successful writers, still have the same struggles as us newbie’s. It’s organized in a way to slowly help you understand creative living, by first getting you to help yourself and to give yourself permission to live creatively and to allow faults and failures, but to also recognize your achievements. Even the professionals have setbacks and those days where life just isn’t working out.

Furthermore, while I was reading the book I couldn’t help but think I’ve heard some of this before, and then it clicked. Gilbert has also done a TedTalk that I watched maybe two, three years ago, but it’s still very fresh in my mind. It was one of the few TedTalk’s I’ve watched that has really stayed with me.

I definitely recommend it for anyone feeling stuck while trying to pursue their passions. It’s helped me and I think if Lindsay (my sister) finally gets through it, she’ll learn something from it as well.




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