Digital Photography

75. Photo Book

This week I wanted to talk about photography, but was unsure of what to say and how to organize it. So I guess I’ll give a little background.

For Christmas I received a photography book, and while I have not read much into it, I can agree that it is a great way to learn photography and to understand how to take a good photo, it goes through the basic dynamics and offers small projects with a specific focus to slowly improve your skills.

I would have mentioned this sooner; however, I haven’t picked the book up in a month and was hoping that writing this post would give me some motivation to get back to photography.

I also wanted to mention some other resources that have helped with my photography skills. The one main one being Digital Photography School, a blog dedicated to teaching you about photography. And let me tell you it was the first time someone’s explained the exposure triangle to me and it actually clicked, I was like “Oh that’s how that works.”

75.. Photo Book Landscape.JPG

Anyway it’s a great resource and blog and it has really helped me.

The last point here, I also got a new camera. Almost a year ago, and I am only now mentioning this I don’t know why. But it’s a Samsung DSLR, it doesn’t have an exterior viewfinder, but it works so well, and for a first camera I’d say we (Lindsay and I) did pretty well. We got it for almost half the price at a school auction and I love it! And bonus, since it’s Samsung it works with my phone so I can send photos directly from the camera to my phone, and it has the whole Smart Wi-Fi set-up.

Anyway, that’s all for this week, I can’t believe how busy things have been. I’ve been trying to stay on top of things, especially with this blog, but I feel like my content isn’t up to par so I will try my best to improve the posts over the next month. However we are moving, so that will be crazy all on its own so it might be closer to May before I get settled back into things.



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