Daredevil S1: Review

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The Title Image can be found here: imdb.com


Time for a TV Show Review! There may be a few spoilers, just forewarning you.

Synopsis: Matt Murdock, with his other senses superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a blind lawyer by day, and vigilante by night. Synopsis was found here: imdb.com

Now that I’m finished my course, and have had some spare time I started watching Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix and let me tell you it is pretty awesome.

I’ve watched the first season, and there are a few reasons why I fell in love with this show.

Firstly, Daredevil while being your typical hero, fight for the greater good, and save as many people as you can kind of thing, Matt Murdock is also blind. His other four senses have amplified allowing him to see most things as well as anyone else, but from an equality point of view it’s a big step in the Movie world to include individuals with disabilities, (e.g. The Hunger Games Trilogy and there movie adaption’s, Katniss was supposed to be partially deaf in the second movie and Peeta had his foot amputated, and neither happened), so props to creating a character, and representing that character, and their disability accurately on screen.

Furthermore, I think Charlie Cox fits the role well and has been able to bring the character to life with all the little quips about his blindness, and he does most if not all of his stunts and fight scenes. I like how in the show when Matt is looking at someone, he isn’t really looking at them, not directly in their eyes because technically speaking he can’t, and it’s one of those things I enjoy about the show just how well they’ve been able to convey that aspect of Matt.

Moreover the villain, Wilson Fisk (and it has been said before), was not brought in as a villain. He is first shown on screen as a shy individual in an art gallery trying to ask a woman out for dinner. And in the back of your mind you know he’s the villain, and yet you can’t quite come to terms with it until you see his full rage reveal itself and then you see how terrible this man is. And still even then he has twisted ways, but he shows remorse for his actions. It was also brought to my attention through Pinterest that Wilson Fisk is on the Autism Spectrum, which fits far better than saying he’s some psychopath. This representation I think adds so much depth to the character and you start to realize how much he loves Vanessa (his love interest) and that it depicts a new kind of villain. One that isn’t inherently evil, but a villain who has his own story and his own moral struggles just as the hero does. I find this far more compelling than a villain who is downright evil, that only makes for a boring and predictable movie.

Lastly, there are the relationships between the other characters with the hero and the villain. The show took James Wesley’s and Wilson Fisk’s relationship just as seriously as Foggy Nelson’s and Matt’s relationship. The characters have their own morals and their own back-story and history that we, as an audience, don’t fully yet know. We see them as they are now, and through the portrayal of the characters can get a sense of just how deep each relationship goes. When Foggy finds out Matt’s secret he’s furious, he’s angry, and he cries because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend. And I just think that’s really amazing that a friendship between two males in a superhero show has been depicted as so emotional and so serious.

I don’t know I just think that this show breaks a lot of stereotypes.

In conclusion, Daredevil is very well done in terms of the story itself in the Marvel Universe as well as how well the actors are able to bring the characters to life on screen. While I have heard some say the show can be slow, I don’t mind a slower plot as long as I know it’s going somewhere and they say in Season 2 the pace picks up so I cannot wait to get back to watching it.



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