A Minimal Wardrobe: 3 Reasons Why I Love it

77. Minimal Wardrobe Reasons.jpg

For the next few weeks I’m going to focus on Fashion and Style and this week I’m starting with my minimal wardrobe, specifically reasons I love my minimal wardrobe.

So here goes…

Reason #1

Actually having a defined style. I spent so many years never having anything to wear, or so it seemed. I was really just buying clothing that appealed to me, but wasn’t really my style. So I’d pick up a top and love the colour or the pattern, make sure it was my size, maybe try it on and then I’d wear it a few times only because I never really thought about what would match it. I’d buy clothing pieces, instead of thinking in terms of outfits. Now however, I have keep a neutral colour palette with a few added colours that I like and know look good on me, and I go for comfort and styles that I know work instead of just what appeals to me when I go shopping.

Reason #2

Everything matches. Sticking to a colour palette has allowed me to buy pretty much anything in those colours and they will already match a pile of other pieces in my wardrobe. I mean it’s so much easier in the morning now getting ready all I have to worry about now is what the weather is like, but otherwise I can practically grab a top and a bottom and just go, no hassle, no standing in front of the closet with the doors open sifting through the hangers over and over again. Instead it’s quick and easy and I like what I wear now.

Reason #3

Saving money.  I am far more conscious of how I use my money than I ever have been before, and creating this wardrobe piece by piece has made me super aware of what I’m buying and how I’ll spend my money. I’ll think about a purchase for a few days (or usually longer) before I buy something and that has made my money go a lot farther than it used to.


Overall, having this shaved down wardrobe has helped with ease in the morning, but also my confidence. I have clothing that fits and it’s in colours that I know look good on me. I don’t feel too flashy, I don’t like a lot of bright colours, and I wear clothing that feels sophisticated and modern. And I also wear a lot of black so it says “I’m here” but it isn’t drawing any attention to myself. I am still an introvert ok guys?

What are your thoughts on minimal/capsule wardrobes? Do you think it would work for you?



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