Understanding the INTJ Paradox

81. INTJ Paradox

“Cold, calculated, and highly rational is what makes INTJ’s who they are…” ever heard that one before?

Well I’m about to let you in on a little secret, that’s not the whole truth.

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Writing Course: Final Week

74. Final Week

My first Writing Course is now complete. There is no exam, and I handed in the last assignment early. The final mark is a 92%.


But also Boo!

I enjoyed the course and how I could see it improve my writing. More than I felt the course I took in high school did. It was more organized and had a more definitive focus. Both classes had their pros and cons, however, Writer’s Craft (high school) I was able to interact with others and bounce ideas off each other, it was a group learning environment and was by far my favourite class I ever took in high school.

This course was online and had zero interaction with other people, but I enjoy learning and teaching myself (in a matter of speaking) and overall both courses benefited me and my writing.

As sad as I am to finish the course, I’ll be happy to move onto the next or just something else completely.

Writing Course Introduction: Creative Writing: Online Course


Writing Course: Week 10

72. WC Week 10

This week in the Writing Course was the first time I deliberately put off an assignment, I just didn’t want to do it. so I put it off for about a week (because I did start it early in the first place) and then I knocked it off in about two days and stopped caring what the mark might turn out to be.

The joys of school, right? Some assignments are great, other’s not so much.

The assignment was to write a screenplay based on a poem called “Frankie and Johnny” and I didn’t like the poem when I read it so to try to turn it into a script was boring and rather irritating. Hence the reason I sat there and just got it over with.

Anyway, there is one more week to go; hopefully the last assignment isn’t terrible like this one was.

Still can’t believe it’s going to be over.

Writing Course Introduction: Creative Writing: Online Course


Writing Course: Week 9

70. Week 9

There’s only two weeks left to go for my writing course, and this week was the easiest one so far. There wasn’t an assignment so there was only a quiz and a chapter to read. However the chapter was quite long I was sitting and reading for over an hour, when the other chapters took me half that time.

The focus was imagery and sound, so it went over the basic concepts of poetry and how the English language naturally has a rhythm to it when you frame certain words together. It’s how song writing works and goes far beyond simple rhyming techniques, to the point where I just started reading and stopped trying to understand it all because that was not happening.

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WC: Week 8


Out of all the assignments I’ve had to do so far, this was probably the longest. Time and Thoughts were the topics for this week, and actually trying to intentionally write about time and thoughts proved quite difficult. I ended up sticking to one main story and went through each part of the question. The first was an illustrative example of the when the story was set, and then we had to write an action sequence, and write about duration and flashbacks.

I always tend to enjoy the assignments after I’ve mulled it over for a few days and let my brain think of a decent idea I can write about. Even with my own personal writing I tend to write page after page only to not even open the word document the next day, [deep sigh] “Oh the life of a writer.”

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Depression: My Story as an INTJ

67. Depression INTJ.jpg

This week I’ve been kind of stumped as to what to write. A lot has been going on recently, personally, and it’s been difficult to focus on something that I plan on sharing with other’s that won’t be depressing. So I’m just going to write and see how this blog post turns out.

Like I said a lot has been going on recently, my sister if you’ve glided over to her Youtube Channel at all, talks a lot of depression and mental health issues because she too is dealing with anxiety and depression. And while I have shared a bit about my own struggle with anxiety and I think have mentioned my own bout of depression, I’ve never gone in-depth not wanting to share too much online.

However, I think people learn from other’s stories, I know I have and would like to share my own, not every little detail, but overall the experience and what I gained from it.

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WC Week 7


Week 7, already completed and on to the next assignment. This week it was all about Dialogue; direct and indirect dialogue, as well as looking at elaborate and simple tags. The assignment focused on accents and accurately depicting two foreign accents that would be written phonetically.

Which is more difficult than it sounds, especially since I’ve never been exposed to many foreign accents other than what I’ve seen in movies or read in books. I tried though and I kind of like how it turned out, the accents are supposed to be French and Russian, but like I said it was more difficult than I originally thought to convey the accents in written form, so no hate, I tried ok….

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