Depression: My Story as an INTJ

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This week I’ve been kind of stumped as to what to write. A lot has been going on recently, personally, and it’s been difficult to focus on something that I plan on sharing with other’s that won’t be depressing. So I’m just going to write and see how this blog post turns out.

Like I said a lot has been going on recently, my sister if you’ve glided over to her Youtube Channel at all, talks a lot of depression and mental health issues because she too is dealing with anxiety and depression. And while I have shared a bit about my own struggle with anxiety and I think have mentioned my own bout of depression, I’ve never gone in-depth not wanting to share too much online.

However, I think people learn from other’s stories, I know I have and would like to share my own, not every little detail, but overall the experience and what I gained from it.

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Favourites: Beauty and Skin-Care


I don’t wear makeup, and I never really have. Sure, I went through that phase in 8th grade where all I wanted to do was wear makeup; I wore blue eye shadow, and put on mascara so horribly I hardly realized it, but hey it’s part of growing up.

But I stopped wearing makeup, mostly because I didn’t understand the need for it. Going through that process every morning is way too time-consuming for me; I always thought I had better things to do than worry about my appearance. Even when it comes to clothing, I figure as long as I buy nice-looking clothes, it won’t matter what I throw on in the morning.

The thing is I do care about to a certain extent how I look, everyone does, and I have found some pretty awesome skin care products and decided to share them with you, so let’s jump into it….

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Minimalism- Part 2



Continuing on from last week, I wanted to discuss the stigma surrounding minimalism. I know some believe that only a certain type of person can actually live this way, but it’s not true. Minimalism doesn’t have to be some big switch; it can help in the smallest of places (unless you really want to makeover your life). Minimalism takes time, for me it took the progression of my depression to realize that I needed to do something different.

Some causes I have noticed though are periods of stress, or being overwhelmed and the feeling of not being able to think clearly. This is because of clutter (and I’ve done the research for all of this too, clutter does affect how we think and how well we think, there are certain environments that people can work better in compared to others), and this then flows into minimalism, and therefore having less stuff to worry about.

Some examples of areas as to where to start could be the kitchen. I know that counter space these days seems to be quite limited and physically have less pots and pans and utensils to worry about can help with that.

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Minimalism-Part 1


Minimalism’s true definition, I believe has been skewed through social media and its sometimes terrible way of filtering through ideas that are different from society. However, with time and a little effort to understand, Minimalism is in essence a rudimentary lifestyle that anyone can adopt.

In my view, minimalism is focused on living an honest and fulfilling life, one where the little things matter the most, the minuscule moments that bring us joy, to learn a greater appreciation for the things we have and for our family.

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Anxiety Experiment


Hello Readers! So last week I talked about anxiety and how I was dealing with it. But it got me thinking enough to try to do a little experiment. I called it the Feel-Good Experiment. It consists of a checklist that includes:

  • Getting up at the same time every day
  • Doing the High Power Pose (as mentioned in the previous post)
  • Taking a selfie
  • Listening to music, and
  • Going for a walk.

I also tracked my technology use, and I’m kind of glad to say it averaged about 5 hours a day, and I honestly thought it was way more, especially considering most of what I do is now computer based (i.e. blogging, writing, researching, etc.)

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Dealing With Anxiety: Self-Improvement Tips

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Hey Readers, today I’m talking about something a little more on the serious side of things, which I suppose isn’t uncommon for me to do, but I promise to leave on a happy note.

Today I wanted to talk about Anxiety, and while it took me a while to realize it, I have in fact experienced anxiety symptoms. And I know everyone’s been there at least once, before a big presentation, or job interview. But for me it was more serious than that. I’ve had my fair share of panic attacks, and since getting myself out of a depression two years ago, I have been trying to focus on being happy. That’s all, just “be happy”.  Which is easier said than done, but I have a few self-help tips that I’m going to be trying (or have already tried) to work on this. I think it’s my INTJness (is that even a thing????, whatever, you know what I mean) that causes me to always self-improve no matter how difficult or serious the task may be, but I think everyone can benefit from trying to improve themselves and be a better, happier individual.

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Many people have heard of Carl Jung’s and Isabel Myers Brigg Typology Test ( Some have not, and it is a personality test that has had a major impact on my own life. It consists of about 70 questions and determines four letters that represent your personality.

Now this personality test like any other will not be 100% accurate, because no one is the same. However it often helps explaining why you are the way you are. Even when I first discovered the word introvert I jumped for joy because I realized I wasn’t some shy little girl. I was only introverted, and most importantly I learned that it was ok to be this way. I think that’s the biggest challenge some people have. They don’t fit in because they aren’t very outgoing or talkative, and they’re torn between trying to change and staying who they are.

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