I Need a Vacation

Hello readers. Again today is not my regular post day, but I came to give a little life uupdate. Basically I need a bit of a vacation from this blog. I have a lot going on right now and a lot to sort out so the plan is to take about two weeks off and if it ends up being longer I’ll let you know. If not then I should be back and posting by Nov.17th.

I will still post on Instagram, maybe not every day, but I do enjoy using the platform, and now that I have it I doubt I’ll stop using it anytime soon anyway.

I am sorry, especially because I really wanted to stay on top of blogging and stay consistent with posting (which clearly hasn’t been happening these past few weeks) so, vacation first and then I promise I’ll come back with some great posts for everyone.





Another month already gone and I must say it flew by really quickly. And although it was not the happiest month of my life, I still found a few things to appreciate.

  1. Working on dealing with anxiety.

Coming to terms with anxiety has been difficult, but a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I started to feel an improvement that same day. I thought to myself that “yeah, I can do this.”

  1. Every day selfies.

I usually dislike photos of myself, but to see me smiling in every single one. And you do get the hang of taking a selfie after a while. I guess it’s a skill like anything else.

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21. Creativity.jpg

I believe creativity is very important, it allows one to express themselves, and to think of new ideas. Creative intelligence is just as beneficial as any other kind of intelligence.

Creativity comes in many different forms and I think that’s where some people get stuck because it’s not just about being able to draw, it’s not about art. It’s about creating something new and different. Whether that be a painting or a new computer system, or developing a different kind of office space. I think every occupation has room for creativity. Continue reading Creativity