#Inspiration-April 2017

80. #InspirationApr

I didn’t get to do an #InspirationMonth in March, like I’ve said before life’s been pretty busy, but I did one for this month and I get to share a few pics of my new room.

  1. Closet Organizer

So I actually have a proper closet organizer with drawers and shelves and everything I own basically fits in this closet right now, no extra book shelf or dresser. The minimalist in me is quite happy.

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Hey readers, I was thinking about books the other day and realized how much my taste in books has changed over the years. I’m sure you can relate when you just get so bored with a genre and are willing to read any other book in any other genre just so you don’t have to read anymore fantasy or crime, etc.

Well that’s how I’ve been feeling.

For the longest time it was all fantasy novels and YA and it has gotten so boring and predictable, that’s it’s really annoying now to try to read.

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Nice, Lovely Things

Today, I thought I’d share some of the things that make me happy. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen these floating around the internet. I like them because they make you feel something, some of the descriptions really resonate with me and you know that taste, or that smell, or that feeling. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Nice Things



17. Bones.jpg

Bones is one of my favourite TV shows, and while it is on its final season, it will always be a show that puts a smile on my face. I’m sure everyone can relate, we might as well admit that we’ve binged watched at least one show on Netflix.

One night, however, I was bored and wasn’t sure what to watch and ended up starting Bones again from the first season (they are now on their 12th season), and just started watching it all over again and it’s been fun, almost nostalgic because I remember more episodes than I thought I did.

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#Inspiration- April

11. InspirationApr.jpg

I’ve been wanting to start a little series of posts on this blog, something that would be a roundup of things that inspire me or simply made me happy and thus #InspirationMonths was born. So here are a seven things I loved this month.

  1. This picture that I took.

Freezing Rain Zoomed

There was freezing rain earlier this month, and it froze on my window. I think I captured a pretty cool moment with the blurriness of the tress and the yard from the ice.

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Bookshelf with a Twist: An Easy Way to Transform a Room


Recently I changed my bedroom around because that’s a thing I do when I get bored with the layout. And I thought I would try something new with my bookshelves, and what i found is that it completely changed the feel of the room, and in my opinion, made it more modern.

Before they were these basic white three shelf bookcases that never seemed to fit anywhere in my room. They were usually on either side of my bed or beside my desk and it never looked quite right.

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