A Minimal Wardrobe: 3 Reasons Why I Love it

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For the next few weeks I’m going to focus on Fashion and Style and this week I’m starting with my minimal wardrobe, specifically reasons I love my minimal wardrobe.

So here goes…

Reason #1

Actually having a defined style. I spent so many years never having anything to wear, or so it seemed. I was really just buying clothing that appealed to me, but wasn’t really my style. So I’d pick up a top and love the colour or the pattern, make sure it was my size, maybe try it on and then I’d wear it a few times only because I never really thought about what would match it. I’d buy clothing pieces, instead of thinking in terms of outfits. Now however, I have keep a neutral colour palette with a few added colours that I like and know look good on me, and I go for comfort and styles that I know work instead of just what appeals to me when I go shopping.

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Minimalism- Part 2



Continuing on from last week, I wanted to discuss the stigma surrounding minimalism. I know some believe that only a certain type of person can actually live this way, but it’s not true. Minimalism doesn’t have to be some big switch; it can help in the smallest of places (unless you really want to makeover your life). Minimalism takes time, for me it took the progression of my depression to realize that I needed to do something different.

Some causes I have noticed though are periods of stress, or being overwhelmed and the feeling of not being able to think clearly. This is because of clutter (and I’ve done the research for all of this too, clutter does affect how we think and how well we think, there are certain environments that people can work better in compared to others), and this then flows into minimalism, and therefore having less stuff to worry about.

Some examples of areas as to where to start could be the kitchen. I know that counter space these days seems to be quite limited and physically have less pots and pans and utensils to worry about can help with that.

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