This month was kind of sucky, but hey there were still a few things to celebrate.

  1. 50 Followers

I actually have over 60 followers on this blog now, but when I reached fifty earlier this month I was so happy. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and to reach over 60 followers, I mean it’s great to think that people actually want to hear what I have to say and like my posts and ugh thank you so much.

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WC Week 7


Week 7, already completed and on to the next assignment. This week it was all about Dialogue; direct and indirect dialogue, as well as looking at elaborate and simple tags. The assignment focused on accents and accurately depicting two foreign accents that would be written phonetically.

Which is more difficult than it sounds, especially since I’ve never been exposed to many foreign accents other than what I’ve seen in movies or read in books. I tried though and I kind of like how it turned out, the accents are supposed to be French and Russian, but like I said it was more difficult than I originally thought to convey the accents in written form, so no hate, I tried ok….

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Writing Course: Week 5

63. WC Week 5.jpg

Last week I received full marks on my assignment and quiz, and now the focus is on Point of View.

We spent maybe one day on this in my high school course, going through the different types (first, second, and third person), and then wrote a short piece using the second point of view, given that it’s the least popular and probably the most difficult one to do.

I find it interesting how some types become popular at certain times, while others are rarely used. For example, first person is extremely popular right now; I can barely pick up a novel without it being written in first person. But a while ago books were written in third person either as limited perspective or omniscient.

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Writing Course: Week 4


Writing Course Update:

We’re into week four now, and the focus is now on plot. Besides the usual structure of each week: read a chapter, do the quiz, and the assignment, it doesn’t seem boring to me. Each week is something new, and I’m someone whose interest gets diverted quickly so having something new all the time is good for me. It’s also nice to have a full week for each assignment, I don’t feel rushed by any means and I have plenty of time to write and edit assignments. Honestly I think I’m putting far more effort into this course alone, than I ever did for any of my other classes.

On another note, focusing on plot this week has been fascinating, because I think it’s something I’ve really struggled with as a writer. I can create characters and scenes quite easily, but having a cohesive story line that isn’t moving too quickly has been tricky for me, but you also don’t want to drag on and bore the reader, understand the dilemma here?

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