WC Week 7


Week 7, already completed and on to the next assignment. This week it was all about Dialogue; direct and indirect dialogue, as well as looking at elaborate and simple tags. The assignment focused on accents and accurately depicting two foreign accents that would be written phonetically.

Which is more difficult than it sounds, especially since I’ve never been exposed to many foreign accents other than what I’ve seen in movies or read in books. I tried though and I kind of like how it turned out, the accents are supposed to be French and Russian, but like I said it was more difficult than I originally thought to convey the accents in written form, so no hate, I tried ok….

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Writing Course: Week 6

63. WC Week 6.jpg

Week 6, already, only five more weeks to go…

This week’s focus for my Writing Course was tone and style, as well as description. And of course, the first part of the assignment we had to differentiate between Tone and Style, and I found this to be really difficult because in order to write well, you need both. Style develops overtime as you get better at writing, you find your own voice/style as a writer, and tone sets the mood of the writing, but I believe that you almost always have both in a single piece of writing and I had to somehow distinguish between the two, I did it, and I’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

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Writing Course: Week 4


Writing Course Update:

We’re into week four now, and the focus is now on plot. Besides the usual structure of each week: read a chapter, do the quiz, and the assignment, it doesn’t seem boring to me. Each week is something new, and I’m someone whose interest gets diverted quickly so having something new all the time is good for me. It’s also nice to have a full week for each assignment, I don’t feel rushed by any means and I have plenty of time to write and edit assignments. Honestly I think I’m putting far more effort into this course alone, than I ever did for any of my other classes.

On another note, focusing on plot this week has been fascinating, because I think it’s something I’ve really struggled with as a writer. I can create characters and scenes quite easily, but having a cohesive story line that isn’t moving too quickly has been tricky for me, but you also don’t want to drag on and bore the reader, understand the dilemma here?

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Creative Writing: Online Course


Writing has become a big part of my life, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it, and since graduating I thought I had a chance to really focus on writing a novel. And I have, and like any writer ideas get scrapped and we start fresh and new. I realized, though that I still needed to refine my writing skills.

I leaped into this by taking an online course through my local college. I started January, 10th, and for some reason have only got to mentioning it on this blog now. So far it’s been a lot of fun; the first week was basic introductions and figuring out the online system. The next two weeks focused on theme and setting, and characters.

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Nice, Lovely Things

Today, I thought I’d share some of the things that make me happy. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen these floating around the internet. I like them because they make you feel something, some of the descriptions really resonate with me and you know that taste, or that smell, or that feeling. So I thought I’d give it a try.

Nice Things